Women. Working. Together.

The Women’s Council of Central Ohio, or WCCO, emerged to capitalize on the natural strengths of women, and their organizations, to collaborate.

Our mission is to connect women’s organizations in Central Ohio leveraging these organizations’ power with their members, fostering awareness and understanding and sharing resources and events.

WCCO is not just another women’s group.

It is women’s organizations working together.


If you represent an organization in Central Ohio that is focused on women, you are eligible to join The Women’s Council of Central Ohio. 

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Monthly Meetings

Representatives from each member group meet monthly to personally connect and share strategy.  They develop strong cross-organizational relationships and collaboration, empowering each organization to achieve focus and strength.

Special Interest Groups

One of the goals of WCCO is to make each member organization stronger.  Our SIGs are small ad hoc or ongoing groups that meet regularly to explore and develop specific topics like trending issues, leadership development, or legislative advocacy.

Executive Advisory Panel

WCCO is guided by our Executive Advisory Panel comprised of a cross section of our member organizations.  This panel is dedicated to developing strategies for women to come together and make a difference in our world through our member organizations.

News and Updates

How do organizations get started with prioritizing inclusion in their workplaces?
Change must start at the top! Assess your company needs by getting honest feedback from your associates. Communicate this with middle management to make sure they understand the importance of these initiatives!

D&I Pro tip: Be open to learning about others, about new ways of thinking, and always be open to people learning about you! ...

We asked our panelists: What key initiative have you found to be successful in initiating and establishing an inclusive environment?
• Language/etiquette/vernacular: The proper use of vocabulary is important when discussing cultural differences. Do some research to understand what language is appropriate when addressing these topics.

According to one of our panelists, Tom Lianez:

One of the most important things to understand is:


• DIVERSITY is organic – it will happen regardless of what we do as an organization/community.
• INCLUSION is the part we have to work on. Making people feel comfortable within our organizations, and more importantly, useful.

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