Women. Working. Together.

The Women’s Council of Central Ohio, or WCCO, emerged to capitalize on the natural strengths of women, and their organizations, to collaborate.

Our mission is to leverage the power of women, fostering awareness and understanding and sharing our resources and events, among the myriad women’s groups that are already established in Central Ohio.

WCCO is not just another women’s group.

It is women working together.

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Monthly Meetings

Representatives from each member group meet monthly to personally connect and share strategy.  They develop strong cross-organizational relationships and collaboration, empowering each organization to achieve focus and strength.

Special Interest Groups

One of the goals of WCCO is to make each member organization stronger.  Our SIGs are small ad hoc or ongoing groups that meet regularly to explore and develop specific topics like trending issues, leadership development, or legislative advocacy.

Executive Advisory Panel

WCCO is guided by our Executive Advisory Panel comprised of a cross section of our member organizations.  This panel is dedicated to developing strategies for women to come together and make a difference in our world through our member organizations.

News and Updates

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